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Tuesday, July 8th, 2014


[ asphydel ]
My Weenies Are For Sale!

Or trade!

All have been cleanly tested by me and all are full! Stored safety, from pet/smoke free home. Shipping from Canada is $8 without tracking, $15 with. I'd much rather trade but sales are fine too cuz it'll just go back to the Lab! I'll discount for multiple bottles.

The List!
Ooky - lightly spiced pumpkin candies, decorated with thick marzipan, sweetened with buttercream, an decorated with a touch of lemon zest. $20

Dark Pumpkin Mead - Thick, heady pumpkin mead sweetened with clover honey and a hint of maple, $20

Goblin Market - Apples and quinces, Lemons and oranges, Plump unpecked cherries, Melons and raspberries, Bloom-down-cheeked peaches, $20

Capax Infiniti - A scent warmed by a whole lot of love: honey-snuggled skin musk, sweet vanilla ice cream residue, and lavender oil (Lilith’s favorite!), with a gentle hint of Dorian, $23

Harvest Moon 2012 -balsam fir, cedar, sorrel, thyme, juniper berry, clove, saffron, damson plum, chrysanthemum, sage, black cherry, and fennel with dry maple leaves, golden ale, the crushed wine grapes of Dionysus, and Janus' lingum aloes, $18

Blue Moon - Mugwort, Calea Zacatechichi, yarrow, and mastic, Frankincense and hyssop, with a potent lunar-charged, oneirongenic blend of blue musk, exquisite woods, moonflower, evening stock, Madagascan ylang ylang, Florentine iris, Greek cypress, green tea absolute, palmarosa, cucumber, rose milkweed, Clary sage, lavender, lemon balm, and passion fruit, $18

I'm perfectly willing to trade my LEs for GCs on my WL, though I may be a bit more picky with Capax Infiniti. I'm also fine with trading slightly uneven amounts. If your bottles aren't all the way full, it's no big deal!

Mouse's Long and Sad Tale
Dragon's Milk
SkekZok the Ritual Master
Glittering Apple of the Stars
Thousands of Lights
The Gaolers Daughter

I'd trade multiple bottles for my biggest wishes: Tarot: The Star and Son of biggerCritter!

Other things I'd like to try but have never tested/unsure of: Blood Pearl, Black Pearl, Goblin, Shoggoth, Brown Jenkin, Carnaval Diabolique, Lamia, Cheshire Cat, Black Cat, Fire of Love and Scherezade.

So you can see how I have a large WL and I'm very eager to make a dent in it, haha!

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Saturday, July 5th, 2014


[ betawho ]
Up a Tree (p.29)


   Title: Up a Tree (p.29)
   Author: betawho
   Rating: PG
   Characters: 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams
  Chapter Index (Start at the beginning, or anywhere.)

   Summary: This is a sort of "Doctor Who" meets "Avatar" story, without the avatars.

   The Doctor, Amy, and Rory land on a human colony world where the colonists live in gigantic trees. A whole city in the treetops. But what starts out as a lark, ends with a murder, an ancient mystery, and  a local race of "not quite intelligent" spider-monkey-like creatures that might have a reason for not quite being intelligent...

   And finally the "monster" has been revealed... (Read More...)

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Monday, July 7th, 2014


[ ghostlord89 ]
New group of Doctor Who action figure photos!

Hi fellow Whovians! I just wanted to take your mind off worrying about the leaked scripts and spoilers by showing you some of my latest action figure photos!

Team TARDIS 2014

"He's a coming..." "Who's coming?" "The Doctor..."

I added a oil painting filter to these next two photos in Adobe Photoshop. Please let me know what you think of it.

"Out of the frying pan and into the fire eh Clara?"

"The Daleks reign supreme!"

I hope you all enjoyed these photos of mine.

current mood: accomplished

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Tuesday, July 8th, 2014


Grounding for PTSD and anxiety

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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Monday, July 7th, 2014


[ willowmoon81 ]
DISO Conjure Oils in A Gypsy Flame, The Autumn Wind, Jak-O Lantern with Terrible Teeth, & Pomona.

I am in an autumn mood and am new to Conjure Oils. If anyone has any bottles too offer I would be grateful. Paypal ready <3

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[ murmur ]
bottle of eve from OLLA?

this may be a long shot, but i am looking for a bottle of eve. i can buy or swap. i also have a bottle of shelley, byron and keats as well as a bottle of the diamond's gong, if anyone is looking for either of those...

my swaplist is here, just in case- http://murmur.livejournal.com/755208.html

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[ violetbluebpal ]
Take $5 off all bottles $20 or more - or make offers. Rares, taking offers:

Shipping is $4 with DC.

Taking offers on these BPAL 5mls: (PM me)
Hesoid's Phoenix (label misspelled)
Spanked Original

BPAL Bottles:

Serotine Bat - $45 BNNU
Clive Barker - Imaginer - BNNu backup - $30
Sumatran Red Patchouli SN - BNNU backup - $40
Cake Smash v6 - $40
Luna Negra - full 2011- $40
Miss Ida - Full - 25
Nine Mysteries - in blue cobalt, disc. - $40, full to label
Dolly Keio - original run, misspelled label - $35, full with teeny dip
Lunar Eclipse - April 2013 - $25 full
One Worm Shall Revive Thee With Kisses - Our Lady of Pain - $23 full
The Orgy - Pickman Gallery - full - $23
Albedo v5 - very full $15 - from etsy
ApDAY3 - from etsy - very full - $15
AP77 - from etsy full with tiny dip - $15
Anitmony V9 - from etsy - full - $15
PRC12 - from etsy - full - $15
MUV3 - from etsy - $15 full
Poisson d' Avril - 1/2 - $13
Peach I - $30
Beaver Moon 2012 - $25
Hime Gyaru - full with tiny dip $25
Yule 2011 - BPTP Plum Puddin - 1/2 - $13
Blood Champagne - $20 - special Yule 2011  at WC only
Sangria Champagne - full to label - weird dip - $20, same as above
Decadence - from etsy - full - $23
I fell in Love with a Floating Brain v1 - $21 - at label
Purple Snowballs - $23
Blue Snowballs - about half - $12
The Bloody Banister - Weenie - 2012- full - $22
Hellion v2 - $40
The Harlot's House - full - 15
Hungry Ghost Moon - i think it's 2006 - $30 - full
Tanuki no doke Daruma - 1/2 - $13
Sin in the Pumpkin Patch - 1/2 - $13
Great Vampire Bat - $40

Conjure Oils
Madagascar Vanilla SN - Full - $15

Nocturne Alchemy
Rhinestone Mummy - $15

Blooddrop -
Sultrylicious - $12
Candied Apple - $15 - full
The Purple egg - full - $15
Merci $80 - Smells light Thin Mints GS cookies - $8, full

Possets -
Halo - $13 full
Pink Corset - $13 full
RosyCheeks - $13 full

Violette Market
The Red Clouds - very full - $17
The Wedding Feast - very full - $17
Patchouli Leaf and Vanilla Cotton Candy - $17
Horror Night at the Movies - half - $9

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[ beck_liz ]
Monday, 7th July, 2014

WARNING: There are Doctor Who script spoilers for the Eighth Series on the internet. Any links should be properly noted as spoilery below, but be on your guard.

Do you have a Doctor Who community or a journal that we are not currently linking to? Leave a note in the comments and we'll add you to the who_daily reading list.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Because of the high posting volume and the quantity of information linked in each newsletter, who_daily will no longer link fanfiction that does not have a header. For an example of what a "good" fanfic header is, see the user info. Please note, the fic must have a header with the fic, not just in the link post, in order to be added to the newsletter. Thank you.

Off-LJ Links
Doctor Who News: Series Eight Scripts Leak Online (SPOILERS)
Radio Times: Please don't share secrets of Doctor Who series 8 - BBC Worldwide "sorry" for five leaked scripts
The Doctor Who Podcast has a new podcast: Re-Cutting The Key To Time #1: The Ribos Operation and The Pirate Planet
The Ood Cast S06E01 – The Day of the Ood Cast
The Happiness Patrol Podcast: Episode 125 - Mild Mannered Man
Doctor Who Reviews: Martin Hudecek reviews the Big Finish Audio "The War To End All Wars"
BBC Profile: The great Jon Pertwee (1919 – 1996), who played the Third Doctor, was born on this day.
Titan Comics declares July 26 Doctor Who Comics Day!
Radio Times: How did five Doctor Who series 8 scripts end up online weeks before broadcast?

(News via via [info]blogtorwho, [info]tardisscanner, [info]og_news, among others.)
(For additional news, please visit: [info]googledw)

Discussion & Miscellany
jjpor has the new teaser trailer with spoilery thoughts and £0.02
thehornedgod opens a discussion about the leaked scripts in doctorwho (Spoilers likely in comments)
eve11 discusses the leaked scripts without spoilers
mrscolumbolives has a shameless plug about being on the podcast Earth Station Who #67 Web of Fear, discussing the previously missing episode

Legend of the Traveling House by kelkat9 (Explicit | Nine/Rose)
Perfume by anyagotr (NC-17 | Ten, Donna Noble)
Not Again! by Arameth (G | Jack Harkness/Ten)

Works In Progress
An Officer and the Noble Woman (37.1/?) by dtstrainers (PG | Donna Noble/Peter Carlisle)

Fanart and Other Creative Endeavours
DeviantArt: Old Girl by xxflameangelxx (TARDIS)

If you were not linked, and would like to be, contact us in the comments with further information and your link.

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[ scryingsmoke ]
now with imps

All decants $3. Shipping $3.


The Other Hot Chocolate (between shoulder and TOL) - $22

Passionflower SN (to shoulder) - $19

Beaver Moon 2007 (full into neck) - $19

Obatala (shoulder with dip, old paper label so well aged, a few letters a little smeared but nothing major) - $15


[Cobalt Blends] Cocoa Sugared Moon - Cinnamon and sugary and softly spoken lies. Mostly sugar and lies, with just a bit of cinnamon. The cinnamon is soft and warm, with crystal clear vanilla and a dash of sugar and spice.(5mm of 30mm) $5
[Conjure Oils] Sweet Death - An orgasmic Ménage à trois of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and cocoa absolute merging with three vanillas, balsam peru, osmanthus and sexy musk. (TOL) $16
[The Morbid the Merrier] Saucy Jack - Deep, dark, and resinous... redolent of stained and tattered petticoats, damp brick, and spilled blood in a London alleyway.... (full) $13


$1.50 each unless otherwise marked (these are all imps that have been aging for a few years in my box that I've never really used, may have been tested once, labels range from good to excellent condition)

Jolly Roger
Kumari Kandam
Snap Dragon Fly
Kill Devil
Havana $4


$3 unless otherwise marked

(Luper 14) Arise, Life Up Thine Eyes and See
(Luper 14) The Flowers Cleave Apart
(Luper 14) Lovers In the Teahouse
Pumpkin Hard Candy
Egg Nog 2007
Pumpkin III 2009 (half full, $1.50)
Pumpkin IV 2009
Christmas Rose 2007
Lovers In A Carp Streamer
Zadok Allen Vineyard
(Yule 13) Vain Sorceress

SNIFFY BOTTLES (ask if you want them thrown in):

Paduan Killer Swarm Yew Berry Infused Honey

Black Temple Burlesque Troupe

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[ thehornedgod ]
'Doctor Who scripts leaked online'



Personally, I toyed with the idea of hunting them down for a couple of seconds before realising it doesn't really make sense for me; it's Capaldi's performance I'm cautiously interested in, not the scripts. What are you going to do?

Oh, and: you can talk about the inevitable spoilers here, but always and only behind a clearly-marked LJ cut. Cheers!

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[ zankoku_zen ]
zee_zee's sale bump

Aizen Myoo - modge podged label, cobalt blue bottle, 50% full $11
Badgers - BNNU, pristine label $30 *potentially pending*
Black Snowballs - pristine label, 50% full $12
Gun Moll - pristine label, wandcapped, 75% full $30
Ice Queen - pristine label, cobalt blue bottle, wandcapped, 30% full $15
Imaginer - pristine label, full $28
Lantern Ghost of Oiwa - aged since 2008, pristine label if a bit faded, full $25
March Hare - faded label, 75% full *SWAP ONLY*
Medb v4 - prototype, Cobwebby exclusive, pristine label, 75% full $11
PP416 - prototype, Cobwebby exclusive, pristine label, full to top of label $11
Pumpkin Patch IV 2009 - pristine label, full to shoulder $14
Serotine Bat - BNNU, pristine label $30
Silver Stream - pristine label, 70% $12
*NEW* Son of the BiggerCritter - pristine label, 50% full $25
Wolfsbane - discontinued, pristine label, 50% full $12

*NEW* OLLA tester set (set of ALL 23 blends) for $40 shipped

BPTP stuff including Playfut Cat atmo 2 oz, Fruitbat Fruitbath, and tealights.

LE decants galore: BUY 5, GET THE 6TH FREE! (of equal or lesser price)
including Century Guild, Luper 14, Coraline prototypes, ECCC 2014 blends, Bat's Day 2014, TALs - regular and from etsy small batch, assorted LEs and rares like Harvesters, Badgers, Bliss in the Pumpkin Patch, Mabon 2004, Snake Oil aged from 2006, Hakkotsu, Prunella.

Special Recent Lunacies Only Set for $36 shipped

ALL FOR SALE HERE: http://bpalmarketplace.livejournal.com/2078274.html

All comments on the sale page please! I prefer comments to PMs.

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[ geekgirldiva ]
Sinus Iridium Brick and Mortar Lunacy Will Call Dates

Peninsula Delioiorum

Join us for our Lunacy events for your opportunity to meet the lab staff (California only), purchase the latest scents, and get a sneak preview of what’s coming soon.

The blends that will be available for purchase include those that went live on the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab website up to and including the Sinus Iridium update.

Our Lunacy events are held on the night of the full moon and are always free.

The west coast will call event will be held on Saturday, July 12th from 4 to 7pm at Dark Delicacies.

Dark Delicacies
3512 W. Magnolia Blvd
(1 block east of Hollywood Way)
Burbank, CA 91505


RSVP on Facebook.


New England Will Call will be held at Healthy Living Market on Sunday, July 13th from 4 to 7pm, in the Learning Center.

Healthy Living Market
222 Dorset Street,
South Burlington, VT, 05403

RSVP on Facebook

If you have any questions, please email us at willcall@blackphoenixalchemylab.com.

Hope to see you there!


Remaining Will Call Dates for 2014

West Coast:

Sunday August 10th
Tuesday, September 9th
Sunday, October 5th
Thursday, November 6th
Friday, December 5th

East Coast:


Want to keep up to date on all the BPAL news? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, join our mailing list, or follow our blog The Black Phoenix Gazette.




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Transitioning to a Revision


This is what focus looks like.

Here in the office, we are transitioning from writing the new book to revising, for the second time, one of the old books. (I enumerate my current projects here; the book I'm about to start revising is the one I refer to as the "second book" in that post.) Unbeknownst to me, a friend snapped a picture while I was explaining to him my method of, um, organization. Normally, anyone besides me taking pictures in my office is asking for it, but I was rather pleased with this result, because I feel like it expresses well what the beginning of a revision is like: Everything is starting to crystallize, but it looks (and feels) an awful lot like everything is coming apart.

Hanging on the wall behind me is the book plan to the book I'm about to revise. (The old book plan. I will take all those cards down and put up new ones once I know the new revision plan.) The crumpled orange pile to my left is the book plan of the new book I was writing last week, which I no longer care about, AT ALL, because when I'm working on one book, I pretty much forget about the other books. The pages strewn across my floor are, well, various revision pages I'm sorting through. I will organize them and deal with them. Once I've dealt with them I will put them in the recycling bin, though not before tearing them into little pieces, just in case a dumpster diver finds them and reads my book before I have turned it into a good book. Listen, this could happen, and it would be TERRIBLE, and NO I DO NOT TAKE MYSELF TOO SERIOUSLY SHUT UP.

I mentioned in a recent post that I've been having problems focusing lately. Knowing that I would be transitioning soon to this revision, I've been worried, because while it's okay to have some trouble focusing as I begin a new book that has no deadline, it's a problem to have trouble focusing if I'm revising a book that my editor and I are hoping to slot into a particular release season. A few wise and reassuring friends have suggested that the revision might bring focus along with it; that when my editor's revision notes arrive, so will my focus. I don't think it's too early in the process to say that they were right. I am deeply excited by the challenges presented to me by the comments of my editor and my early readers. I have always enjoyed working on this particular book, and at the moment, I feel like I'm facing some deliciously difficult questions. I have no idea what the answers are, but I know that sometime in the next few weeks, the pieces of this swirling mess will settle into their places (or else I will wrangle them there), and then I will be able to see them. And THEN I will have the frustrating challenge of bringing them into being on the page.

I love being in the middle of this mess. I'm enjoying it while I can, because once I know the plan and all the actual work is ahead... there may be some whining here on the blog. :o)

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